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Collaboraction (noun) - kuh·la·buh·rac·shn
"A state in which a group of people simultaneously engage their heads, hearts and hands to solve a problem or capture an opportunity together"


  • Are your leaders facing increasingly complex business challenges?

  • Do they need to build momentum behind business-critical issues quickly?

  • Do you need them to elevate their influence and engage beyond their own team in order to deliver results?

The Collaboraction MethodTM

The Collaboraction MethodTM distils 20-years experience galvanising 'groups of strangers' behind complex problems and having them work side-by-side to define and deliver a solution. The Collaboraction MethodTM draws elements from five traditional business disciplines (human-centred design, strategy, problem-solving, engagement & planning) and combines them into one holistic approach. 


The Collaboraction MethodTM Series

Your leaders will learn:

  • How to understand the problem to be solved while also aligning others behind it

  • How to prepare for a team session or off-site event that starts where people are, not where you'd like them to be

  • How to put ego to one side and facilitate a truly engaging and productive session that creates clarity and sets the solution up to succeed

  • How to create stepping-stones between one conversation and the next, so there is a shared and energising sense of progress

Option 1 - Online program

Conducted over 12-months, leaders can access fortnightly learning modules when it's convenient to them. Each has a workbook in which leaders can reflect on their own learning. Then, four times a year, all leaders come together for a 1-day intensive session to consolidate and practice skills learnt over the previous 12 weeks. We also catch up every 4-weeks via a live webinar. 

Option 2 - 2-day Introductory Masterclass

This is an introduction to the Collaboraction Method. Leaders learn the fundamental elements of the approach and use their own examples to test how they can apply the approach back in their workplaces. Before attending the session, leaders develop their own case study and complete a leadership diagnostic. Both provide rich, relevant examples to be used in the session.


Option 3 - The Collaboraction Team Intensive

If you and your team have a major challenge to address together, and the clock is ticking, that's when you need the Collaboraction Intensive. I'll partner with you to create the space and structure needed for you and your team can simplify and shape the issue, then develop an aligned path to address it. The format for this program varies, depending on the size and complexity of the problem, its duration ranges from 3 to 9 days over 6-12 weeks.

Option 4 - Collaboraction Executive Team Program

This program uses a combination of face-to-face masterclasses, online development and team mentoring conducted over a 6-month period. Over the course of the program, senior leaders learn and practice the Collaboraction MethodTM  so they can apply it together whenever the team is faced with a major challenge.

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