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Welcome to the CoronaCommunities Project
It is recommended that this page be accessed from a desktop, not a mobile device

Please read the Terms and Conditions for participating in the project before use or share any of these resources.
Putting your community on the map

Putting your community on the map

To start with, let's put your online community on the map. This will enable people in that area to find you. You can adjust the boundary here at any time.

  1. Sign in to your Google Account

  2. Watch this video

  3. Click on the blue button below to add your community to the map or change its boundary

  4. Set your boundary as shown in the video

  5. Once you've done all the tasks shown, you can close the map. It saves automatically.

  6. Important: DO NOT DELETE or change any other community boundary.

  7. When you're done, your online community will show in the public area of the website.

Some ground rules to consider

Some ground rules to consider

If you are going to set up an online group to support people through the Coronavirus, or you already have a group, it's important to have some ground rules.

Many Facebook groups use a generic set of participation rules. However, if you are setting up a group that aims to support people during the Coronavirus, there are additional considerations.

These aim to protect the safety, security and health of people who are both seeking and providing support in your community. They also aim to give some shared ways of working so your group can work well.

You can review each of the Four Principles in the blue area on the right and you can click on the image to download the PDF explanation.

The Four Principles of Participation

Four Principles of Participation - PDF I
Structure conversations using CoronaCards

Using CoronaCards to structure conversations

Online communities allow people to discuss a wide range of topics with a wide range of people. However, if you want your online community to be a useful channel that helps people get support when they need it, their messages need to get through. Corona Post-cards will provide your online community group with a simple way to flag important Coronavirus-related messages, without limiting the broader conversation.

Note: These are freely available to members of your community and they can download them here.

In this video I explain how to use the CoronaCards. It is different to the video on the public site.
CoronaCard Website OLD ONE.png
Download the CoronaCards Here

Thinking it through

Thinking it through

Before you invite anyone to join your neighbourhood there are a number of things to think about. This template will help you get started. Download it by clicking on the blue button.

Choosing your technology

Choosing your technology

There are many different communication technologies available, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Slack and many more. They all have pros and cons.


When making your choice for a new community, remember that it will work best when:

  • Most people in the group can & will use it

  • It provides you with clear visibility of what's going on across your Neighbourhood

  • It is easy to track a conversation thread from beginning to end. This enables the ability to apply the Four A Rule ie. Asking, Acknowledging, Answering, Acting.

Some technology options to consider
Click on the name to watch Youtube video overview

Open and easy to join and use.
More difficult to monitor and mediate.

Good starting option for less tech-savvy or existing groups
Flexible; Greater visibility; More flexible
Requires a Facebook account

If you are tapping into an existing FB group, this is the easiest option
Practical; easy to set-up, easy to join; easy to use
Not as popular; Limited experience

Depends on your Group & what they are used to
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