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Curly Conversations


Ready to start using the book with your team? Download the FREE Kick-Starter Checklist here.

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FREE Conversation Kick-Starter - Leaders Checklist

It's time to take the concepts out of the book and start using them in your team.
Conversation Kick-Starter - Download Lea
  • Get conversation ready
  • Build conversation confidence
  • Cultivate curly capability
Follow the 3-step approach in this simple checklist and ensure that your Curly Conversations are set up to succeed from the very beginning. 
FREE Leader Checklist
Kick-Starter Progams

Kick-Starter Programs
There's no need to do this on your own.

Curly Conversations for Teams has been written to be used with your team. If you've downloaded the Conversation Kick-Starter Checklist and found that you could use some help, you're in the right place. There are three core Kick-Starter Programs and they line up with the 3-steps in the checklist. 
Choose the right program for you by using this Kick-Starter Program Comparison Sheet to decide which program meets your needs.

Quick Start Bookmark
Share this simple tool with your team and use it to set and support your your self-driven Curly Conversation program. 

Quick Start Bookmark - Curly Conversatio

Conversation Kick-Starter
Quick Start Bookmark

  • A simple tool that will help your team agree then collectively commit to regular Curly Conversations.

  • Regularly revisit the Conversation Calendar to check in and ensure the team is going in the desired direction.

  • Use the simple 4-step starter guide to support the Curly Conversation Starter process.

Quick Start Bookmark
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