Clear background - Coronacommunities and


Online communities allow people to discuss a wide range of topics with a wide range of people. However, if you want your online community to be a useful channel that helps people get support when they need it, their messages need to get through. Corona Post-cards will provide your online community group with a simple way to flag important Coronavirus-related messages, without limiting the broader conversation.

First, download the images onto your mobile device or desktop

You'll find some tips for using the cards below (I reckon you will have many more ideas!)

  • Post the Intro post-card and suggest in your post "Hey - I reckon this would be really useful in our group. What does everyone think?" or;

  • Speak to the community owner or manager and suggest that it would be great to use the cards in the community

  • Post the URL of this web page within your group & people can download the cards for themselves.

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