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Cultivate Curly Capability
Kick-Starter Program C

This program will MAINTAIN MOMENTUM by actively committing to the Conversation Calendar evolving Curly ConversationTM capability over time.

Create a Curly ConversationTM team culture and build team connection and capability over time with:

  • customised one-on-one coaching that starts with where you and your team are at


  • conversational coaching sessions with your team, increasing confidence addressing real team conundrums


  • progress monitoring and content adjustment as required. 

Use this
Kick-Starter Program Comparison Sheet to choose the right program and decide which program meets your needs and budget.​


Kick-Starter Program C

This program includes:


  • 45-minute Kick-Off Conversation with Kate via Zoom

  • A customised guide for your team's Kick-off Conversation

  • Post Kick-Off Conversation debrief call with Kate

  • Curly Conversation StarterTM one-to-one leadership sessions

  • Post Kick-Off Program Conversation CalibrationTM Assessment and Report 

  • Post Program Review and next steps planning


  • Each team member receives a copy of the book with a personal team message from you, sent directly to the preferred address

  • ‘Curly Conversation Concepts’ introductory video*

  • Access to ‘Curly Conversation Concepts’ online curriculum**

  • Kick-off Conversation CalibratorTM Team Self-Assessment 

  • Kick-off Conversation CalibratorTM Report and team debrief***

  • First team Curly Conversation Starter session run by Kate (2.5 hours)***

  • Curly Conversation StarterTM team coaching sessions and debrief with live support from Kate***

PRICE: $22,500 (excl. GST)
PLEASE NOTE: These programs are for teams of up to 8 team members. If you have more than 8 team members or wish to run programs for multiple teams, please email This introductory video provides important context.* The Curly Conversations Online Curriculum means that your team do not need to read the book – instead you can go straight to Part 4 – Curly Conversation Starters.** This debrief will be incorporated into the Curly Conversation Starter session run by Kate.*** Where practical, team sessions will be conducted face-to-face, otherwise, they will be conducted via Zoom. All prices are in Australian Dollars.
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