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Congratulations! You’re here because Kate or another executive who admires and respects your progressive leadership approach has invited you to join the Curly Clarity Card™ program as their guest.

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These unique Curly Clarity Cards™ will help you focus on what matters, think outside the box and stay strategic when the demands of the day-to-day keep dragging you into the detail.

Watch the video to learn more or click here for faqs.

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“A little blue envelope arrived today! I love having a regular prompt to get my brain thinking about being more strategic … it reminds me to get my head up and out of the detail, and consider the bigger perspective.”

Karma Auden, Chief Financial Officer - University of Canberra

"I found the Five Zones of CollaborACTION card really useful. It is one of only two items important enough to

pin-up at my office desk as a constant reminder" 

Yas Mendis - Chief Financial Officer - Bisley


Please enter your details by February 29, 2024 - to start receiving the unique Curly Clarity Card frameworks on a regular basis. The first rounds of cards will be received at the start of March 2024.

PRIVACY COMMITMENT: We value your privacy. Information provided will only be used for purposes described above.

Terms and Conditions: Only one guest per invitation. Invited guests must: a) Be based in Australia. b) Be an experienced leader who values strategic thinking and continuous learning. c) Register by the intake closing date on this website.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay for the Clarity Card Program?

No. The cards offer an opportunity to test-drive the Curly Thinking approach in your own time and on your terms. 

How do I get the most out of the cards?

Each of the Curly Clarity Cards™ is short so you can consider its contents without having to take a huge chunk out of your schedule. Here are some of the ways other executives have told us they use the cards.

  • "I review the card on my Monday morning commute into work"

  • "I have a regular catch-up session with a colleague. It take the latest card along and use it as a prompt for a 15 minute conversation".

  • "I have quite a few cards now. Every now and again I lay them all on the table in our team meeting, ask the team to pick the one that's most relevant, then we have a rich conversation about why it is relevant and talk explore the framework together.

Why do you only send one card at a time?

The cards act as a prompt to support strategic thinking in the midst of demanding day-to-day decisions. Sending them separately enables this and prevents them from becoming something you use at the start but then, put in a draw and forget about. 

Can I buy the Curly Card Program?

No. The cards are not for sale and are only available to top-tier executives via invitation. However, the cards are re-usable. So, there is no reason why you can’t use your cards multiple times with your team or colleagues.

How can I give feedback, update my details, or stop receiving the cards?

You can use the QR code on the card entitled ‘Your Questions Answered’ or, click here.

Is there any other Curly tool that I can use with my team aside from the cards?

The Curly Clarity Cards™ is a tool under The Curly Approach™ methodology. To know more about how my previous clients have applied different proprietary tools to their organisations, you can click on the button below.

Clarity Cards FAQs

Mobile:     +61 (0) 435993648

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