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About the program


Curly Conversation Kits are for time-poor leaders who need to engage their team in collaborative problem-solving discussions but don’t have time (or the desire) to design the conversation needed to achieve the best result.

Kits are topic-specific and have been designed to address common team challenges. They can be used in face to face meetings or online discussions.

The pilot program is being offered to a limited number of leaders in Australia and New Zealand. It runs from 14th September - 19th October 2020

Participating leaders will have the opportunity to test drive the Conversation Kit below. 

There is no financial cost for participating in the pilot and you are under no obligation to purchase future kits or participate in future programs. 

Could another leader in your workplace benefit from this program? Send them the link to this page.

How the pilot program works


As a pilot program participant, you will:

  • have access to the full Curly Conversation Kit. You will be able to keep the kit after the pilot is finished.

  • have access to online support to help you use the Kit with your team during the pilot period

  • have the opportunity  to have a one-on-one 20-minute debrief discussion with Kate after you’ve used the kit.

By signing up to the pilot program you agree to:

  • use the kit to run a conversation with your team

  • do so between the 14th September – 19th October

  • share your experiences when using the kit via a short post-session questionnaire.​


  • Any information that you provide will be treated as confidential.











 Your pilot kit will include:

✔ Conversation Starter
Original and clearly presented content that gets team members thinking before you meet. 


✔ Leader’s Guide
Step-by-step instructions that explain what to do before, during and after the conversation.


✔ Question Guide
Designed to give your conversation the right pace, flow and outcome.

✔ Prompt Slide Pack
Use during the conversation to keep the discussion focused and on track.

✔ Action plan
A structured way to capture what has been agreed and what needs to happen next. 

✔ Communication Templates
Giving you a starting point from which to guide your team.

If you're interested in the Curly Conversation Kits but you don't want to be part of the pilot, let me know here.

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