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Clear background - Coronacommunities and

Why join the online community?

The CoronaCommunities Project members area is for community leaders who have already or intend to, set up an online support community for the Coronavirus pandemic.

Leadership can be a lonely job, whether you're being paid for it or not. The CoronaCommunities Project offers you an opportunity to have a greater impact, learn and feel supported.

As a member of the CoronaCommunities Project, you will be able to:


  • connect your online community with people within a physical neighbourhood


  • access ideas and resources that you can use with your community

  • increase the effectiveness of your group and therefore have a greater impact

  • learn from and share ideas with like-minded people

Please read the Terms and Conditions for participating in the project before you register.

About Kate Christiansen

Kate Christiansen is a complex problems specialist. She teaches and helps people to re-think 'wicked' problems and deal with them differently.

Kate established the CoronaCommunities Project to address what she saw as a need to increase social confidence and connection during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The CoronaCommunities Project is run on a voluntary basis.

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