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Are you waiting for someone to build you a stage or are you creating your stage through your courage and willingness to act?

Being a leader is a bit like being a street performer. You need to willing to put yourself out there and do something that no one else has been willing to do. It's about making your own stage from which to engage people in a possibility.

Are you waiting for someone to build you a stage or are you creating your stage through your courage and willingness to act?


A thought to consider.

Creativity isn't just about doing something different. It's about doing the same thing differently.
What else would be different if human capital was treated in the same way as economic capital? 

Travelling to the airport today, I watched the thousands of cars, carrying humans to work. It got me thinking.

What would happen if we thought about, planned for and managed our available human capital, in the same way, we treated economic capital?


  • We'd treat it as something that was scarce, not something to be squandered.

  • We'd recognise the need to make choices rather than trying to spend the same capital multiple times.
  • We'd budget but not in full-time equivalents (FTE), but in Engaged Hearts & Minds.

What else would be different if human capital was treated in the same way as economic capital? 

How are you communicating the messages that really matter? Are people hearing your message the way you want them to hear it? Engagement is 'heart-to-heart' not 'mouth-to-ear'

Tonight I am going to see the indigenous choir Spinifex Gum.


With their spine-tinglingly beautiful music, this group has broken all the rules to get their important indigenous messages across.

However, sadly, they are the same ones that have often fallen on deaf ears.
What's different this time, is that the messages are delivered heart-to-heart (ie. from the open hearts of the singers to the open hearts of their audience). So much so, that on Friday night, Spinifex Gum will be playing to full-house. An auditorium full of people who are not only willing to listen to their messages that matter but who are willing to pay for the privilege.

Would people pay to hear your messages? Worry less about the words and more about what needs to be said.

Take a few moments to soak up these gorgeous harmonies and you'll see what I mean. Please feel free to share or like as you'd like.

What can Eurovision teach us about leadership?
Australian Kate Miller-Heidke has made it through to the grand final of Eurovision with her song Zero Gravity. Kate's performance was a terrific example of someone having the courage to be different and use her strengths instead of fitting in with a more traditional style of song.
Are you feeling overwhelmed by your big problem?
Try breaking it into parts, find the smallest one you can and address that. When you're stuck, sometimes all it takes is doing one small thing and then other things start to fall into place.
Are you harnessing the collective wisdom within your business?
The purpose of the design of the Mastering Momentum Program is to find a way to bring those hearts and minds together in a way that creates the best solution while building a sense of ownership.
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