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★Are you stuck in an old paradigm?★

My daughter is in her late teens. I was giving her a hug the other day and she said, “Do you know, Mum, that you still hug me like I’m ten?”

When I asked her what she meant, she said “You put your arms over my shoulders when you hug me, as though I am shorter than you. You kind of hug my head. But’s the thing!. You are the short one now. So, technically, I should be putting my arms over your shoulders. Otherwise, I need to crouch down every time you give me a hug”.

As it turned out my daughter didn't want me to change the way that I was giving her hugs. She said she liked them just like that. However, the conversation got me thinking about how I was still doing the same behaviour, in exactly the same way, as though nothing had changed. It was completely unconscious.

I’m curious to know.

  • What behaviours or actions are you doing today that used to make sense in a previous environment, but no longer do so today?

  • Is the world in which those behaviours began still relevant?

  • Is now a good time to reflect, review and reconsider?


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