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★How to stay consciously curious★

When our brain is a little weary, it can be tempting to click it into autopilot and follow the same lines of thinking.

CURIOSITY is the doorway to CREATIVITY, and together, they provide the foundation for INNOVATION.

Over the last twelve months, many areas of our world have been turned upside down. The above critical elements have been a lifeline for many businesses to help them pull through.

But how can you be consciously curious about things you’ve seen hundreds or even thousands of times before?

A lot comes down to perspective. As an example, the other day I was walking in the park and I came across this palm tree frond in picture one. However, as I walked past it, my perspective changed.

It went from being a plain ‘frond’ to resembling a reindeer or horses head.

Same stick. Different perspective.

So, I’m curious. 🤔 How could you look at something differently today?


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