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Is it time for a little positivity?

Something positive happened today and I thought it worth sharing.

As children have been attending school remotely from home, it has posed a significant challenge for parents and carers. Working remotely themselves while at the same time, finding activities to keep kids learning, occupied and engaged. It has been and continues to be tough!

This message, written in chalk on the footpath was clearly the effort of a parent/carer and kids, working together for hours.

It said:

✔ Live life

✔ We love you

✔ We can fix this

✔ Wear a mask

✔ We’re all in this together

It was so positive, warm, energised, and well-intended. It made a refreshing change from the many negative messages we’ve been hearing recently.

It left me feeling more hopeful and I hope it does the same for you.

P.S.: click the video to turn on the sound.

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