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★Is now the time to think first, then act?★

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

There's an old saying in Denmark.

⇨“What you haven't got in your head, you need to have in your legs”.

It means that if you don’t think about something before you do it, you're likely to have to pay with some hard work later on. I discovered this recently as I was working in my garden.

There was an area in which I wanted to establish a new garden but the grass had spread its way into that space and taken over.

I had previously used a grass deterrent to keep the grass back so the weeds wouldn't grow. Having noticed the grass was on its way back, I reached for what I thought was the same grass deterrent. I didn’t have my glasses on and it turned out to be a hardcore weed killer for patios. Having sprayed half of the new garden area, I looked at the packet and saw the big writing that said, “Warning: Do not use on areas that you wish to grow things in the next 12 months.”

To try and fix the problem, I spent an hour digging underneath the grass and lifting out big chunks of the grass and dirt to try and undo my mistake.

As the Danish phrase suggests, thinking first saves you time and effort later.


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