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★Just because it’s right, doesn’t mean it’s easy★

We have had an aviary for many years and this week we found ourselves with only one bird left. We noticed that after the second last bird had died, the remaining bird kept looking around to try and find the other bird.

We decided to give the remaining bird away. It was five years old (ie. old for a bird) but it was flying OK. We thought it would be better if it could spend its last days with other birds.

On the morning we advertised the bird, we received a call from an annoyed-sounding woman who said, “Do you know how long these birds live? A 5-year-old bird is not going to live very long". She thought we were trying to profit from selling an old bird and felt the need to tell us that.

P.S.: Someone did pick up the bird and took it to his aviary, so our bird is no longer lonely.

When we’re solving problems, sometimes trying to do the right thing isn't always easy. Have you ever had a similar experience?


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