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What could you do differently?

Driving in the car a few months ago, before social distancing even existed, I was in my car, waiting in the first row at the traffic lights. The green man turned on for pedestrians and people started walking across the lights in front of us. Then, one guy walked onto the pedestrian crossing with some juggling pins and a ball. He proceeded to give us a highly skilled performance of juggling, ball-spinning, etc. With 15-seconds to go before the lights changed and cars started, he stopped his performance and walked down between the cars, with his hat out looking for contributions from people in their cars. Traditional buskers wait for people to come to them. This fellow surprised the audience and did something different. We were all so used to people washing windows at the traffic lights. But here was someone who had a skill and wasn't afraid to try something different? What have you been doing differently that you could continue when you can get back into the world? What else could you do differently? Please like or share this post with others who would gain value from it. #positiveproblemsolving #problemsolving #momentum #moveforward #movewhatmatters #focus #curlycalm&curious #whatinspiresme #thinkdifferently #COVID19 #coronavirus


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