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When you think of the future of leadership, do you feel optimistic or pessimistic?

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

I have to admit that when we’re talking about leadership at a global level, I’ve often found myself in the latter camp.

This weekend, however, I had an experience that gave me a significant reason for optimism.

My daughter had a 17th birthday party. As the rest of us hid in the garage, my daughter and twelve other seventeen-year-olds battled it out at a games night (complete with scoreboard).

As you can see by the scores and the commentary, the competition was fierce but all good fun.

'Tsking' about our teenagers and their ipads, headphones, social media obsessions and rooms that look like a massive washing basket is part of being a parent.

However, as I listened to this group of kids and the way they spoke with each other (not just about the games) but about the world, it gave me significant hope.

They were informed, open and determined. These kids, and others like Greta Thunberg, are the future leaders of business and the world.

As leaders today, our job is to do three things.
1. Unlock opportunities,
2. clear the path and then,
3. get out of the way.

But I guess that's what leading has always been about, right?


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