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Get Conversation Ready

  • Have Curly Conversations that energise your team members, even when they are in different physical locations.

  • Build trust, working relationships and team cohesion


  • Unite your team behind its Curliest Conundrums so everyone is focused and helping you deliver what matters.

Are your team members working remotely or working in different geographic locations? Do you want to use the Curly Conversation Starters in the book, but you don't have time to distribute copies yourself or to explain what the book is about?


If so, this is the program is for you!

We will individually send a personalised copy of the book to up to 8 team members, at a postal address nominated by them. Once everyone has received the book and completed the online preparation, all you need to do is set an hour in the diary and have your first conversation.
No problem! You can order more books to send to the additional team members using the Team Starter Kit for Remote Teams - EXTRA Books OnlyJust select how many ADDITIONAL books you want and we will include them when we send out to your team members.
PRICE: $1,200.00 (excl. GST)
  • Physical copies of Curly Conversations for Teams with a message from you to your team, delivered to addresses nominated by your team members*

  • Access to the Curly Conversations Team Kick-Off video

  • A Curly Conversation Kick-Off checklist and agenda to help guide you through your first conversation


  • Access to the Curly Calm and Curious video library

Personalised conversarion Starter
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