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An exclusive invitation for CEOs and top-tier executives who are in the first 12 months of their role. 

LOOK INSIDE: Want a sneak preview?

Saying YES to the Savvy CEO Advisory Board means you get one-to-one access to practical, reality-based leadership tools that really work. 

This is an exclusive chance for you to sharpen your executive edge and gain a fresh perspective that's backed by
30-years of experience.

For obvious reasons, this opportunity is available for a limited time.


Join now to avoid disappointment!

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"Kate took us out of our comfort zone and I'm so glad she did"

Interested but have questions? Reach out to Kate below:

Mobile:     +61 (0) 435993648

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When stakes are high, mastery matters.

If you’re a new CEO, you need an executive edge to succeed. You need a practical partner who can jump in the trenches when you need them, not just give advice from the side. Someone who can help you have an impact sooner by making the journey easier for everyone.

In 25 years as a global executive, Kate has led teams through unchartered territory in some of the most challenging economies in the world. Like you, she knows that leadership is hard, people drive performance and that reality rarely matches the plan. Kate is the award-winning author of The Thrive Cycle: Unlock the Adaptive Organisation Within (2016) and Curly Conversations for Teams: Dive into discomfort. Dare to do things differently. Deliver despite disruption (2021).

Known for her energy, warmth and pragmatism, Kate has a remarkable ability to unlock new thinking and find pathways through even the most complex situations. Using her unique Curly Thinking™ Approach, Kate empowers leaders to build transilient teams that take braver steps, tackle bigger questions and deliver better results despite disruption.

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