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Build a team that's activated and alive, not dying on the inside

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Develop teamwork while doing the real work

An Unstoppable Team is more than a group of people who like working together. It’s a dynamic, self-sustaining system.  The great news is that once you know how it works, building one becomes easier and faster leading to quicker more sustainable results.

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Build an Unstoppable Team that delivers unbeatable results in unprecedented times

Stress less, knowing you’re in safe hands

When success depends on your team transforming its adaptive performance, you don't have time to do it twice. Get it right the first time with a seasoned practitioner who has built engaged teams in disrupted environments for decades.

In 25 years as a global executive, Kate led large teams through uncharted territory in some of the most challenging economies in the world.

Her team members rarely reported to her and had their own bosses who often had different priorities. To succeed, Kate needed to learn how to create rapid, deep engagement at scale, then build momentum behind the things that mattered.

Today Kate shares her experience and insights helping leaders and organisations across the world to build Unstoppable Teams.

UNSTOPPABLE TEAMS: Frequently asked questions

How long does a Curly Keynote session run?

It is a 90-minute face-to-face experience.

How customised is the Curly Keynote?

100%! Each team conversation is designed from scratch, based on the overall outcome of your off-site, your teams’ biggest challenges and its current starting position.

Does the experience have to be scheduled at the beginning of my off-site agenda?

This session sets the tone for subsequent conversations at your conference. So, the earlier it occurs in the agenda, the bigger impact it will have.

What are the minimum and maximum group sizes?

Typically, Curly Keynote experiences require a minimum of 12 participants. There is no maximum.

What if I want a longer a session or more than one session?

Let’s talk about the outcome you want and explore how we can achieve it together.

Can Kate design and run my entire off-site event?

Sure – subject to availability and lead time. Let’s explore the possibilities when we meet.

I am a conference organiser. Is it possible to include a Curly Keynote in a public conference?

Yes. Let's discuss what you need.

Mobile:     +61 (0) 435993648

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