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Imagine that your business was a kitchen cupboard.

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

The work that you did took place inside the cupboard and was hidden by the cupboard doors. Every now and again you’d open the doors to distribute your goods and services to your customers but then shut the doors before anyone looked inside.

Now, imagine that after many years, the hinges of the cupboard doors became loose. So much so that one day, you arrived at work and all of the cupboards had fallen away. Every element of your business was now exposed.

At that very moment:

  • what would you see?

  • what would your customers see?

  • would they be more likely or less likely to do business with you?

  • would you be happy to leave the doors off or would you be calling in an emergency carpenter?

Sometimes we use branding to present who we want to be, not who we are. So I wonder, what would it take for your business to stay cupboard door-free?

And, what’s stopping it from happening?


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