"create momentum. move what matters."

I'm an award-winning author, facilitator, mentor and keynote speaker.

I help people re-think complex situations and deal with them differently


Regardless of what you're trying to achieve, how big your team or where you are trying to go, I'll help you define the right path for you. Then together, we'll build the energy, focus, traction and PACE within your leadership team to stay on track and achieve the desired result.


I'm a former senior executive with twenty-five years' experience developing and delivering strategy across the world. Typically, I work with clients whose leadership teams have reached a turning point and need to either take a new direction or achieve a step-change. Other clients may have tried unsuccessfully to address a mission-critical problem and are now looking for a fresh approach. I also work with teams who are experiencing disruption (ie. new leader, new team members or new team objective), who need to unite behind a new (exciting or uncertain) future. 


I facilitate high-energy leadership off-sites, present engaging keynotes and partner with boards and executive teams to create deliverable strategies.


In the words of my clients:


"Kate took us out of our comfort zone and I'm so glad she did"


"I loved it. The energy and passion!"

"I feel energised and incredibly excited about the future and especially comforted that our customers are in the best hands!"

"Kate is such a breath of fresh air"


If you are looking for someone who can help you breathe new life into your leadership team and its strategy while having fun on the way, I’d love to hear from you.