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When the stakes are high, don't leave success to chance.

When transformation success depends on your team mastering every moment, you need the benefit of experience. Get it right the first time with a seasoned practitioner who has built engaged teams behind transformational ambitions for decades. 

As a global executive, Kate Christiansen has led large teams through uncharted territory in some of the most challenging economies in the world. 

Strategic market entry into Indonesia; healthcare innovation in the Philippines and Singapore, global business-critical programs covering 60,000 people out of London; post-merger integrations and customer-centric cultural transformation programs.

Most of the time Kate’s teams did not report directly to her and their priorities were determined by someone else.

create momentum. move what matters.


I help people re-think complex situations and deal with them differently.

Regardless of what you're trying to achieve, how big your team or where you are trying to go, I'll help you define the right path for you. Then together, we'll build the energy, focus, traction and PACE within your leadership team to stay on track and achieve the desired result.

Kate realised early in her career that 'influence' and using 'the formal channels’ alone would not deliver required results. 

She spent the next 25-years developing what she now calls the three essential superpowers.


  1.  Creating rapid, deep engagement at scale

  2.  Building momentum behind work and outcomes that matter
    (not just to the business, but to people and customers)

  3.  Achieving the above while also navigating unknown and complex business  terrain

Today Kate works with leaders and teams across the world who have transformational ambitions and need to be unstoppable, unshakeable and unconventional to succeed.

Mobile:     +61 (0) 435993648

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