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Adapt to complex change

The Moment Method™

Reimagine complex change and transform it from your biggest obstacle into your greatest advantage.


the game

of change

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Does this sound like you?

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is navigating through a storm of changes—disruption, uncertainty, and volatility and finding it hard to make clear decisions.

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feels the growing pressure of increased complexity and tighter deadlines and your current change approach is not holding up.

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wants to level-up your leadership capability with a leading-edge methodology that is surprisingly easy to learn and apply.

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sees new technologies and other changes looming and you’re not sure whether you and your team have the adaptive capability that you need

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has a team that is fed-up with change, resistance is rife and there are ambitious results to deliver

I am a leader who:

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finds that when disruptions occurs, your team struggles to unite and respond cohesively, leading to siloed efforts and fragmented results

Stang-up Meeting

I am an Organisational Development or HR professional who:

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has been tasked with transforming the adaptive or change capability of your leadership cohort and traditional methods aren’t up to the task

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is developing your leadership development calendar and wants to take change and adaptive capability to the next level.

Business Meeting

I am a Transformation or Strategy Executive who:

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needs the business to have a rapid uplift in change capability to enable our vision and plan to be delivered.

Two Ripples

Discover the complex change revolution

The Moment Method™ is a proven methodology based on thirty-years experience of navigating disruption for a living.

At its heart, it empowers any individual (or group) to embrace disruption, change and the unknown by redefining their response to it. It turns potential stress into a source of strength and inertia into momentum.

This proven methodology takes the pain out of change and empowers you and your team to:

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Embrace disruption, turning uncertainty into a catalyst for growth.

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Enhance adaptability, ensuring you and your team are prepared for the future.

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Lead with confidence, making decisions with clarity even in complex scenarios.


Whether you're a leader seeking to lift your leadership, an HR professional tasked with transforming your organisation's adaptive capabilities or a Strategy Director aiming for more effective strategy delivery, The Moment Method™ offers a foundational shift. It takes the pain out of change and replaces it with possibility, enabling a rapid uplift in adaptability, change capability and delivery of your vision and plans.

Ready to redefine your approach to change and unlock new levels of leadership and organisational success?

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Disrupt old thinking

Adapt to complex change

Unlock team innovation

Accelerate your impact

Activate a complex problem

Do strategy differently

Unleash adaptive delivery

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