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Accelerate your impact

The Executive Edge

A unique mentoring program for top-tier leaders who want to clear the clutter, create clarity and take control in their new role.

Have a bigger leadership impact sooner

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It's like a rally car race.

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Transitioning into these roles can feel like being an experienced rally car driver who has leapt into a new kind of car just as the starter gun goes off. You’re driving at great speeds while getting to know the car and trying to deal with what’s in front of you and, working out where you’re going. You’re balancing strategic and operational realities, all while making decisions based on limited knowledge.

Even though you’re experienced, if you have recently stepped into a senior executive role, you may be feeling one or more of the following:

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I need to get on the right track 

“I’ve been here a while and am starting to find my way around but my team and boss expect me to start having an impact”.

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It’s a steep learning curve

"I am enjoying the challenge and responsibility of my new role, but finding my footing amidst the complexities and expectations to lead confidently, is more daunting than I anticipated."

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I wish I could be more decisive 

"I'm invigorated by the dynamic environment of my new position, yet the level of uncertainty and complexity requires me to make decisions with limited information."

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My team is in a state of flux

"Building a cohesive, high-performing team is an exciting aspect of my new role. However, aligning diverse motivations and establishing myself as a credible leader, all while bringing new people on board, presents a significant challenge."

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We need to start building the new strategy

"Setting a strategic vision that propels the organisation forward is a task I relish, yet I’m spending most of my time being reactive”

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I sometimes wonder if I made the right decision

“Feelings of imposter syndrome are creeping in as I confront the gap between my transformational ambitions and the practical challenges of making substantial changes."

After the first few months in the driver’s seat of your new role, you’ll be in one of five zones.

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Which zone are you in right now?

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Sharpen your Executive Edge

The Executive Edge is a one-to-one mentoring program for experienced executives who have been in a new role for a while and who want to make their mark. It provides the insight, clarity and focus required to make confident decisions in uncertainty, feel in control and have a bigger impact sooner.

Many of the challenges top-tier leaders face when moving into a new role have nothing to do with their expertise or experience ie. whether you’re a good driver. It’s the fact that everything seems to happen at once, you’re new and it’s hard to see what’s important and what’s just noise.

To achieve success, you need to create clarity quickly. And, to do that, you need to cut through the clutter and the overwhelming amount of information. That’s where this program comes in.

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Unleash adaptive delivery

Do strategy differently

Activate a complex problem

Accelerate your impact

Unlock Team Innovation

Adapt to complex change

Disrupt old thinking

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