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‘Sometimes I read a business book and wonder how the author managed to pad out 250 pages with what is essentially one idea – but this book is different. The Thrive Cycle is chock full of sensible, practical tools borne out of real-world experience and anchored in customer-centricity and employee engagement. Importantly, it shows how to achieve what is for many businesses‘the impossible dream’ – being big and adaptive’.

Chris Smedley CEO, Assure

'This engaging and highly-readable book provides an innovative approach to one of the biggest challenges facing business today: managing relentless change. It offers a range of practical insights and tools which for me, makes it essential reading.'

Keith Jackson Former CRO, Bupa Group



The Thrive Cycle: How to build an unstoppable customer-driven organisation by activating its adaptive DNA is The Complete Leader's Guide to turning the organisation you have today, into one that holds a sustainable, adaptive advantage. 


If you're a leader with the ambitionpassion and strategic imperative to create The Adaptive Organisation, The Thrive Cycle: How to build an unstoppable customer-driven organisation by activating its adaptive DNA  will show you how.


When The Thrive Cycle is strong, your organisation is consistently able to adapt to change and create value. When it is weak, change erodes value and adapting becomes costly, disruptive and penalises your customers and your people. 

This book introduces an original framework that will empower you and your organisation to discuss, define, develop and measure adaptive capability in a meaningful way. It crystallises the lessons from twenty-years spent influencing, cajoling and coercing large, complex organisations to adapt and shares the insights from a career spent in-between the organisational silos. The result is a fresh approach to one of the world's biggest challenges: CHANGE


You'll find answers including:


  • What is adaptive capability and how do I develop and measure it?


  • What is my  Is it a Surfer, Swimmer, Splasher or Sinker?

  • How adaptive does my organisation need to be?


  • What are the Six Elements of Adaptive Success and how are they impacting the adaptiveness of my organisation?


  • As a leader, how do I build the commitment and alignment required to create The Adaptive Organisation?


  • Where do I start?



Curly Conversations for Teams provides a simple, practical framework for leaders and teams who want to think and work more effectively in today’s complex environment. It will help you motivate your team to have engaging conversations that will allow them to confidently and effectively move forward when faced with disruption and uncertainty.

If you want your team to embrace disruption and have engaging conversations that move it forward, instead of holding it back, this book is the springboard you need to get you started.


“Curly Conversations for teams is a breath of fresh air for disrupted leaders and teams. If you want to have energising team conversations that overcome the hidden elements that stifle collaboration, performance, development and trust - Read this book!” 

Melinda Benbow - Supply Planning Manager, The Body Shop

‘Curly Conversations for Teams is a powerful, engaging and wonderful book. Kate has an incredible ability to skilfully weave her considerable insights and real-life stories into a thought provoking, practical and structured toolkit.'

Emma Dyer, Human Resources Manager

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