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‘If you want to have energising team conversations that overcome the hidden elements that stifle collaboration, performance, development and trust - read this book!’
Melinda Benbow - Supply Planning Manager, The Body Shop

Curly Conversations for Teams provides a simple, practical framework for leaders and teams who want to think and work more effectively in today’s complex environment. It will help you motivate your team to have engaging conversations that will allow them to confidently and effectively move forward when faced with disruption and uncertainty.

If you want your team to embrace disruption and have engaging conversations that move it forward, instead of holding it back, this book is the springboard you need to get you started.

"This refreshing book left me wanting more and eager to put my newfound knowledge to the test by proactively embracing the next difficult conversation!  There has never been a more perfect time to embrace Curly Conversations
than right now."

Ricki Vinci, Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary,

Safe Steps


Curly Conversations for Teams is a powerful, engaging and wonderful book. Kate has an incredible ability to skilfully weave her considerable insights and real-life stories into a thought provoking, practical and structured toolkit.'

Emma Dyer, Human Resources Manager
Licella Group

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