The Thrive Cycle


“Take difficult team conversations out of the too hard basket”


In teams, straightforward conversations are easy and comfortable. Those that are not straightforward, are more difficult and more likely to fall into the ‘too hard basket’. There, they silently undermine your team’s performance and cause friction, misalignment and compromised results.

  • But what if these conversations weren’t difficult, they were just different?

  • What if your team had the confidence and capability to have this different kind of conversation whenever it was needed?

  • And, what if you and your team could start right away?

If you want your team to embrace disruption and have engaging conversations that move it forward, instead of holding it back, this book is the springboard you need to get you started.




Curly Conundrums are the natural consequences of disruption. Unfamiliar, unexpected and uncomfortable, these complex situations leave teams facing a simple, yet difficult, question.

“Now what?”

Left unanswered, Curly Conundrums slow us down, push us off track and prevent us from achieving our goals.


This new breed of situation, requires a special kind of conversation. One that builds trust and enables a team to think, learn and navigate uncertainty together while staying focused on the job at hand.

But, how can you make this happen when your team is buried in day-to-day operations and has no time to think?

That’s where Curly Conversations Starters comes in. With over 15 common conundrums to choose from and 150+ carefully designed questions, this practical book will get your team on the same page and have them thinking through their biggest challenges together.

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