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When stakes are high, 

mastery matters.

Unlock your adaptive advantage

by mastering the moments that matter

Earth Projection

Our liquid landscape:
A world in flux

We live in an era of unprecedented change, where traditional methods are eclipsed by a chronic complexity, ambiguity and a technological revolution advancing at breathtaking speeds.

Inaction is not an option.

It’s tough to move forward when the path ahead is unclear. Yet, if we don’t adapt and seize upcoming opportunities, we risk being left in the past.

There is a better, easier way.

Harness the unlimited possibilities which disruption creates by discovering a proven approach to strategy, adaptive thinking and change.


It's time to seize the moment. 

From inspiration to transformation, Kate empowers clients who have

7 core needs

"I need a speaker. I am looking for a catalyst that gets people thinking outside-the-box and ready to have strategic conversations".

MindSPARK™ Experiences: Give your leadership retreat, Executive Team meeting or annual conference the cognitive kick-start needed to activate deep connection and innovation.

"I want a proven approach that makes today's complex change feel easier and more energising and, deliver better outcomes."

The Moment Method: Reimagine complex change and transform it from your biggest obstacle into your greatest advantage.

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"I need my team to be more innovative, connected and motivated in a fast-paced work environment."

Mindflow Program: Cultivate a dynamic team rhythm that energises innovation, confronts complexity collaboratively and builds better bonds everyday.

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"I want to be more confident, decisive and impactful in my new executive role."

The Executive Edge: A unique mentoring program for top-tier leaders who want to clear the clutter, create clarity and take control in their new role.


"My team has a complex, mission-critical challenge that we need to address quickly and collaboratively."

ClarityLAB Intensives: Create clarity collaboratively and build deep alignment, energy and momentum behind your team's biggest challenge.

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"We need a more flexible approach to strategy development that's ready for the AI-era."

Future-Fit Strategic Planning: Make strategic planning an energised, flexible and adaptive process that's ready for the world of AI-driven disruption.

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We've got a lot of things on our plate and a transformational agenda. I need all my leaders to be fired-up, focused and ready for anything.

Unstoppable Culture Program: This data-driven, targeted program brings together strategy, delivery and ways of working to revolutionise results and build a sustainable, adaptive culture.

Make your move to mastery

Kate works with pioneering leaders, leadership teams and organisations who recognise that old-style approaches to strategy, change and delivery are no match for the new world and want a proven alternative.

Her approach is unconventional, energising and grounded in deep expertise. Best of all, it works - Kate guarantees it.

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Those who can consistently activate, navigate, accelerate and master the right moments and build momentum behind the ones that matter, unlock the ultimate advantage:

Being Unstoppable.

Some of the organisations we've loved working with:

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When The Thrive Cycle is strong, your organisation is consistently able to adapt to change and create value. When it is weak, change erodes value and adapting becomes costly, disruptive and penalises your customers and your people. 


The Thrive Cycle: How to build an unstoppable customer-driven organisation by activating its adaptive DNA is The Complete Executive's Guide to turning the organisation you have today, into one that holds a sustainable, adaptive advantage. 


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Having a disruptive conversation with your team is not an art form – it requires courage, discipline and practice. Now, thanks to Kate Christiansen, there is also a reliable framework to make these conversations predictable, frequent and successful. Using memorable concepts and inspiring stories, Kate shows us how to create a safe environment for teams to ask bold questions, challenge the status quo and create strategies to address the disruption they face.



Kate Christiansen has a truly unique way of inspiring and motivating teams to take big steps, tackle big questions and shift their thinking intothe realm of possibility.



Kate is like the ‘Disruption Whisperer’. She lives and breathes her craft and her depth of knowledge enables otherwise complex emotional barriers to be overcome in a simple and practical manner to progress team outcomes.

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