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practical, custom-designed programs
start where you are and
take you and your team where you need to go

As a top-tier executive, you don't have the luxury of time. You need to dive in at the deep end, work out what's going on, sort out your team and make change happen. And, in parallel, deliver the job you were actually hired to do.

My clients want a practical partner who understands their unique challenge and who is an enduring ally in the trenches, not a transient supporter on the sidelines


Learn how BHP in Arizona, US uses Curly Thinking to help technical specialists navigate ill-defined complex problems.

Learn how Australian Unity built massive momentum behind a truly customer-centred strategy.

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Learn how this publicly listed,  leading-edge battery innovator used Curly Conversations to pivot in the fast paced, highly competitive energy storage sector

are you a people-focused ceo or experienced executive who wants to..

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Feel more in control in your executive role

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Change strategic direction while keeping people engaged.

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Settle in faster & with less turbulence

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Make transformation less traumatic

Icon - Bigger impact sooner.png

Have a bigger
impact sooner

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Build a transilient team that's ready for anything

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Beau Vigushin, Executive Director Customer Experience - Arts Centre Melbourne

‘Kate Christiansen has a truly unique way of inspiring and motivating teams to take big steps, tackle big questions and shift their thinking into
the realm of possibility.’

Let's skip the back and forth e-mails and have a 20-minute call to meet with each other and workout if we'd like to work together.
Hop in a call with me and experience how a Curly Conversation drives clarity and confidence. 


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Mobile:     +61 (0) 435993648

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