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Build Momentum behind a strategy through the Vital Thread Program


Life's too short to spend days in strategy sessions that leave your leadership team standing on the starting line. By the time it's done, you need your team to be off and running. The Vital Thread Program is a highly-customized program that takes leaders beyond their comfort zones, using creative techniques to maintain energy, build focus and create a sense of achievement.

The Vital Thread Program is built on a single principle

Harness the energy of your people behind the creation of customer value so it leads to business value and growth.

Strategic planning - 1_edited.jpg

The Vital Thread is created during a series of structured conversations. 

Each builds on the one that came before it, creating ownership while building momentum.

The Vital Thread difference

Many strategy development processes focus on creating physical outputs but fail to create the energy and customer-focus needed to deliver increased performance.

Kate has an extraordinary skill when it comes to bringing disparate groups of people and building momentum behind a cause or an outcome that really matters.

Let's skip the back and forth e-mails and have a 20-minute call to align and understand if your need matches with my expertise. Let's have a curly conversation to find out!
No sales pitch, no commitments.

Mobile:     +61 (0) 435993648

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