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Disrupt old thinking

with MindSPARK™ Experiences

Give your leadership retreat, Executive Team meeting or annual conference the cognitive kick-start needed to activate deep connection and innovation.

Are you planning a business-critical conference or off-site event? 


Does the following sound familiar?

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You’re depending on your team to significantly lift performance in the next 6 - 12 months.

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The team has some pretty big business challenges to address and the old ways of thinking aren’t going to cut it.

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You need to take attendees' thinking outside-the-box quickly.

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You’ve used traditional keynote speakers in the past, but that’s not enough this time. You need a high-impact catalyst that creates connections and catapults conversations to a new level.

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The event involves a significant investment in time and money, so you want to make sure that the event delivers maximum value.


Why your major team event or conference needs a cognitive kick start

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Ignite a catalyst for change, disrupt old ways of working and trigger a fresh start

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Increase your team’s comfort with discomfort and build confidence and an increased tolerance for uncertainty

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Unlock fresh ideas that drive innovation: Switch brains off auto-pilot and makes creative thinking easier

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Harness every moment together by making the work stuff fun and the fun stuff work

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Achieve greater value from the investment through more meaningful, productive conversations

MindSPARK™ Experiences unlock busy minds and activate the cognitive flexibility to embrace, explore and lead through a complex future. 

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Disrupt old thinking

Adapt to complex change

Unlock team innovation

Accelerate your impact

Activate a complex problem

Do strategy differently

Unleash adaptive delivery

Book a MindSPARK™ Experience, kick old thinking out of its comfort zone and make THIS event the one that sparks a new future.

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