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The Thrive Cycle


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Apply insights from the book with the Vital Thread Program and start building your team's Thrive Cycle today!

About the book

The Thrive Cycle: How to build an unstoppable customer-driven organisation by activating its adaptive DNA is The Complete Leader's Guide to turning the organisation you have today, into one that holds a sustainable, adaptive advantage. 


If you're a leader with the ambitionpassion and strategic imperative to create The Adaptive Organisation, The Thrive Cycle will show you how.


When The Thrive Cycle is strong, your organisation is consistently able to adapt to change and create value. When it is weak, change erodes value and adapting become costly, disruptive and penalises your customers and your people. 

This book introduces an original framework that will empower you and your organisation to discuss, define, develop and measure adaptive capability in a meaningful way. It crystallises the lessons from twenty-years spent influencing, cajoling and coercing large, complex organisations to adapt and shares the insights from a career spent in-between the organisational silos. The result is a fresh approach to one of the world's biggest challenges:


You'll find answers including:


  • What is adaptive capability and how do I develop and measure it?


  • What is my organisation?  Is it a Surfer, Swimmer, Splasher or Sinker?

  • How adaptive does my organisation need to be?


  • What are the Six Elements of Adaptive Success and how are they impacting the adaptiveness of my organisation?


  • As a leader, how do I build the commitment and alignment required to create The Adaptive Organisation?


  • Where do I start?

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