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Two Ripples
Two Ripples

Meet the moment

If we could put the fog of change under a microscope, we’d discover that it’s not as it first appears. 

Instead, it’s made of structures called ‘moments’ - inflection points in which one path transitions into another, in an ecosystem of questions, choices, decisions and actions.

"Our world is full of moments.

They are questions that matter, for which there is no obvious answer."

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Unlike complex change and environmental disruption, moments are structured, predictable and manageable. And when you understand, define and can link them together, moments provide a path through any uncertain and complex situation.

When we encounter a moment, regardless of its size or nature, one of three things occurs. We:


Leaders who miss critical moments react too late, leading to chaos and ineffective decision-making, with teams left directionless and disengaged.


This approach deals with immediate issues without a clear strategy, resulting in inconsistent decisions and short-term fixes that fail to address underlying problems, confusing team members.


Mastering the moment means prioritising team needs, aligning innovative solutions with strategic goals. This fosters an environment ripe for creativity and engagement, leading to the most effective outcomes.


Kate brings rich expertise, a game-changing methodology and a refreshingly contagious energy so that you can activate, navigate and accelerate the moments that matter in business, work and life.

Three ways to work with Kate


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Short, high-impact experiences that trigger fresh thinking, challenge the status-quo and offer a brand-new way to interpret, articulate and embrace change


Custom-designed programs that evolve capability while defining the best path through that mega moment that matters.


Longer-term partnerships in which Kate designs and delivers targeted solutions to deliver unstoppable performance in transformative times.

Mobile:     +61 (0) 435993648

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