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Think Better Together

Build a transformative team that takes braver steps, tackles bigger questions and achieves better results.

A conversation where the right question provides direction, keeps teams connected in the unexpected and allows them

to deliver despite disruption.

For your team to deliver results during turbulent times it needs adaptive capability. This softens the impact of a disrupted environment, in the same way a car's suspension cushions the ride on a rocky road.

A go-Kart has no suspension because, like a team travelling through predictable terrain, it has few bumps it needs to deal with. But take that go-Kart off-road and it’s guaranteed not to win any race.


When plunged into uncertain situations, many teams are like a go-Kart. They've been built to succeed on a well-worn track but we expect them to perform like a four-wheel drive.

What type of team do you have now?

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Customised Conversation5.jpg.jpeg

The right Curly Conversations™ program will show you how to build a high-performing, energised team by curating safe, structured discussions that start in the right place and ask the right questions at the right time.

Over the last five years, Kate has used Curly Conversations™ principles to engage over 760 leaders in one to three-day events ran during times of massive disruption. When participants were asked for feedback:

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"Having a disruptive conversation with your team is not an art form – it requires courage, discipline and practice. Now, thanks to Kate Christiansen, there is also a reliable framework to make these conversations predictable, frequent and successful. Using memorable concepts and inspiring stories, Kate shows us how to create a safe environment for teams to ask bold questions, challenge the status quo and create strategies to address the disruption they face."

- Annelise Rhodes, director of customer experience,


FREE Leader Checklist

FREE Conversation Kick-Starter - Leaders Checklist

It's time to take the concepts out of the book and start using them in your team.
Conversation Kick-Starter - Download Lea
  • Get conversation ready
  • Build conversation confidence
  • Cultivate curly capability
Follow the 3-step approach in this simple checklist and ensure that your Curly Conversations are set up to succeed from the very beginning. 
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