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Cognitively connect your team and get to the real conversations sooner

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Kick old thinking out of its comfort zone.

Make this event the one that sets the new standard for alignment, engagement and energy.

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Does the following sound familiar?

I need my team to significantly lift performance in the next in 3-6 months.

Old ways of thinking are no match for new world challenges. We need to think differently.

I've thought about getting a traditional guest speaker. But, if I'm honest, I know we need something more interactive and energising.

I'm taking my team off-site to reconnect & reset behind an ambitious goal.

We rarely get together. We need to make every conversation count.

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Having a large team together offers a rare and fleeting opportunity to create connections, explore new ideas and fast-track challenges collaboratively.


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The first 90 minutes of any large team event is like a hammer thrower’s wind up. It determines how far the conversations will take you and where your team will land in the end.

When we physically bring people together to achieve an outcome, people are in one of five cognitive zones.

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Which zone do you want your team to be in?

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Why every team event or conference needs to kick-off
with a curly keynote


Unlock fresh ideas that drive innovation

Switch brains off auto-pilot and make creative thinking easier


Achieve greater value

from the investment

Enable more meaningful, productive conversations sooner


Create stronger team connections

Connect people cognitively and socially – heads and hearts


Ignite a catalyst for change

Disrupt old ways of working and signal a fresh start


Increase team engagement

Make the work stuff fun as well as the fun stuff


Increase your team’s comfort with discomfort

Build confidence and an increased tolerance for uncertainty

Give your team the boost it needs to deliver transformational performance. set your off-site event up for success. 

Why settle for a cookie-cutter keynote when you can have a cognitive kick-starter that delivers a mind shifting, reality-based interactive experience and gets your people in the zone for connected conversations that unleash innovation?

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Kate Christiansen has spent three decades Leading through disruption for a living

Kate has led teams through unchartered territory in some of the most challenging economies in the world. Like you, she knows that leadership is hard, people drive performance and that reality rarely matches the plan. Kate is the award-winning author of The Thrive Cycle: Unlock the Adaptive Organisation Within (2016) and Curly Conversations for Teams: Dive into discomfort. Dare to do things differently. Deliver despite disruption (2021).

Known for her energy, warmth and pragmatism, Kate has a remarkable ability to unlock new thinking and find pathways through even the most complex situations. Using her unique Curly Thinking™ Approach, Kate empowers leaders to build transformative teams that take braver steps, tackle bigger questions and achieve better results together.

Curly Keynote: Frequently asked questions

How long does a Curly Keynote session run?

It is a 90-minute face-to-face experience.

How customised is the Curly Keynote?

100%! Each team conversation is designed from scratch, based on the overall outcome of your off-site, your teams’ biggest challenges and its current starting position.

Does the experience have to be scheduled at the beginning of my off-site agenda?

This session sets the tone for subsequent conversations at your conference. So, the earlier it occurs in the agenda, the bigger impact it will have.

What are the minimum and maximum group sizes?

Typically, Curly Keynote experiences require a minimum of 12 participants. There is no maximum.

What if I want a longer a session or more than one session?

Let’s talk about the outcome you want and explore how we can achieve it together.

Can Kate design and run my entire off-site event?

Sure – subject to availability and lead time. Let’s explore the possibilities when we meet.

I am a conference organiser. Is it possible to include a Curly Keynote in a public conference?

Yes. Let's discuss what you need.

PHEW! Now that's done. happy to discuss more in a call with you.

Mobile:     +61 (0) 435993648

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