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Get your team in the zone:

How it works

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deep preparation: before your event

The more people know what to expect before they attend your off-site event, the safer they will feel and the more confident they will be when we ask them to try something new.

Each Curly Keynote experience is designed from scratch.

Asking the right questions is key, which is why Kate spends time deeply understanding you, your team, your challenges and aspirations. These insights unlock the magic on the day and ensure attendees venture outside their cognitive comfort zones with confidence.

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Supercharged conversations:
During the experience

Activate people’s minds and warm-up their hearts by creating connections using questions. Then, focus attention on the opportunities, challenges and ideas that matter. Set the scene for an event in which attendees focus on what is possible and are ready to dive into purposeful and productive conversations.

Just because it’s fun, doesn’t make it frivolous. Be prepared for movement, music, lots of laughs and high energy.

If you don’t want people to get out of their seats, don’t get Kate.

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Tangible take-aways:
Stay in the zone after the experience

Each Curly Keynote experience leaves attendees with a physical reminder of the insights, lessons and ideas they had during their conversations. Keep people in the creative zone longer by referring to these reminders, not just during the off-site, but when everyone’s back at work.

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Achieve the best outcome: Three ways you can work with Kate

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I have a clear idea of the event outcome, whose coming & how I want it to run and/or I’m looking for the most budget conscious option



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I have some idea of the event outcome, but could use some design tips and tools to make it easier and ensure it delivers the best result.

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This is a high stakes, high profile event. I want Kate to design it with me and/or inject Curly Thinking into it by having her lead a number of sessions.

Each program has its own 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Kate Christiansen has spent three decades Leading through disruption for a living

Kate has led teams through unchartered territory in some of the most challenging economies in the world. Like you, she knows that leadership is hard, people drive performance and that reality rarely matches the plan. Kate is the award-winning author of The Thrive Cycle: Unlock the Adaptive Organisation Within (2016) and Curly Conversations for Teams: Dive into discomfort. Dare to do things differently. Deliver despite disruption (2021).

Known for her energy, warmth and pragmatism, Kate has a remarkable ability to unlock new thinking and find pathways through even the most complex situations. Using her unique Curly Thinking™ Approach, Kate empowers leaders to build transformative teams that take braver steps, tackle bigger questions and achieve better results together.

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Beau Vigushin, Executive Director Customer Experience - Arts Centre Melbourne

‘Kate Christiansen has a truly unique way of inspiring and motivating teams to take big steps, tackle big questions and shift their thinking into
the realm of possibility.’

Curly Keynote: Frequently asked questions

How long does a Curly Keynote session run?

It is a 90-minute face-to-face experience.

How customised is the Curly Keynote?

100%! Each team conversation is designed from scratch, based on the overall outcome of your off-site, your teams’ biggest challenges and its current starting position.

Does the experience have to be scheduled at the beginning of my off-site agenda?

This session sets the tone for subsequent conversations at your conference. So, the earlier it occurs in the agenda, the bigger impact it will have.

What are the minimum and maximum group sizes?

Typically, Curly Kick-starter experiences require a minimum of 12 participants. There is no maximum.

What if I want a longer a session or more than one session?

Let’s talk about the outcome you want and explore how we can achieve it together.

Can Kate design and run my entire off-site event?

Sure – subject to availability and lead time. Let’s explore the possibilities when we meet.t the outcome you want and explore how we can achieve it together.

I am a conference organiser. Is it possible to include a Curly Keynote in a public conference?

Yes. Let's discuss what you need.

PHEW! Now that's done. happy to discuss more in a call with you.

Mobile:     +61 (0) 435993648

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