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When stakes are high, mastery matters.

When transformation success depends on your team mastering every moment, you need the benefit of experience. Get it right the first time with a seasoned practitioner who has built engaged teams behind transformational ambitions for decades.

Former global executive and award-winning author, Kate Christiansen has led large teams through uncharted territory in some of the most challenging economies in the world.

Which of the following apply to you and your executive team?


We're ambitious top-tier leaders

We need be on top of our game, confidently leading the charge


We’ve committed to achieving an uncomfortably high uplift in current performance


The road ahead will be rocky and complex at times, so we need to be ready to navigate it


We want a development approach that targets our unique requirements


It must be practical, creating momentum behind delivery while building the team


Timeframes are tight and
non-delivery is not an option.


Disruption disconnects but collaboration will be critical. We

need to stick together no matter what


We want to play an active role in our own development, building what we need to succeed


and maximise transformation success

High energy, strategic conversations and capabilities that build momentum and
unlock silo-free delivery.

Clear your cognitive clutter with a Curly ClarityLab or a Mindflow Mentoring intensive.

Designed for ambitious leaders who want the structure, space and ultimately, a strategy to lead through a specific complex conundrum with confidence.

To collaboratively lead your department or business unit through turbulent times your leadership team needs to be on the same page and heading in the same direction.
A 1-, 2- or 3-day 
Springboard Event will align and energise your leadership team behind your business-critical conundrum and ensure a collaborative approach from the start.


Kate has written two books. The Thrive Cycle: How to build an unstoppable customer-driven organisation by activating its adaptive DNA was a medal winner in the AXIOM Business Book Awards. Kate's second book, Curly Conversations for Teams is a practical resource for leaders who want to build a team that stays connected in the unexpected. 

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Beau Vigushin, Executive Director Customer Experience - Arts Centre Melbourne

‘Kate Christiansen has a truly unique way of inspiring and motivating teams to take big steps, tackle big questions and shift their thinking into
the realm of possibility.’

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