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start smart

The neurologically-driven program for top-tier executives who want to have a bigger impact sooner & feel in control during the 'second' 90-days of their new role.



"dare to do things differently"

Get your head around the hard stuff without the hassle

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Does the following sound like you?

You've been in your role for a little while. You've done a lot of listening and had good conversations. But now, it's time to make your mark.

You see massive potential to have a significant impact and feel like progress is slower than it needs to be.

You know being decisive is important but there's so much to learn. Sometimes it impacts your confidence.

You've built positive relationships with your new team, boss and peers, but find the social dynamics and culture tricky to navigate.

You feel like you hit the ground running but things are more complex than you expected & it's hard to know what to focus on.

You've heard many different opinions but wish there was a way to work out what is really going on.

You're excited about leading your new team and shaping its future, but find yourself getting bogged down by day-to-day operational issues.

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 Create clarity quickly. 

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Three common approaches to the
'second 90-days' of a new executive appointment.

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The Start-Smart Program provides the insight, clarity and focus you need to make confident decisions, feel in control and have a bigger impact sooner.

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start smart - program highlights


Curly Calibrator Diagnostic Self-Assessment

A comprehensive, delivery-focused self-assessment questionnaire that examines the 9 Drivers of Executive Success.


Benefit from
30-years' experience

All elements of the Start Smart Program are designed and delivered by Kate Christiansen. Apart from her warm and engaging style, you will have direct access to three decades experience and Kate's practical proprietary Curly Thinking methodology. 


The Savvy CEO's Guide to building an adaptive organisation. 

Packed with insights, this award-winning and comprehensive handbook provides everything any executive needs to know about building an adaptive team or organisation.


A co-designed 6-month executive roadmap

The ClarityLab one-on-one half-day intensive takes the outputs from your Curly Calibrator Assessment, establishes your starting position, then creates a 3-6 month roadmap that will build momentum and focus your attention on the factors that matter.


On-demand access to the 'Get Unstuck' cognitive coaching program

A five part practical audio series that walks your through a series of Curly Thinking strategies to create clarity out of even the most complex of conundrums.


An ally in the trenches not a supporter on the sidelines.

When you need a sounding board who also has deep expertise in complex problem solving and navigating tricky transitions. These 3 x 30-minute mentoring calls do just that.

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Kate Christiansen has spent three decades Leading through disruption for a living

Kate has led teams through unchartered territory in some of the most challenging economies in the world. Like you, she knows that leadership is hard, people drive performance and that reality rarely matches the plan. Kate is the award-winning author of The Thrive Cycle: How to build an unstoppable customer-driven organisation by activating its adaptive DNA  (2016) and Curly Conversations for Teams: Dive into discomfort. Dare to do things differently. Deliver despite disruption (2021).

Known for her energy, warmth and pragmatism, Kate has a remarkable ability to unlock new thinking and find pathways through even the most complex situations. Using her unique Curly Thinking™ Approach, Kate empowers leaders to build transformative teams that take braver steps, tackle bigger questions and achieve better results together.

Mobile:     +61 (0) 435993648

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