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Are you being generous or jealous?

The other day I received a phone call from a friend. He shared a piece of news which he was really excited about. We talked for a while but after I hung up the phone, I realised that during the call, I hadn't been as excited for my friend as I usually would be.

I started to wonder, why that was.

My friend had talked about an exciting holiday he was about to embark on. At the time, Melbourne was under strict restrictions for COVID-19.

I realised that I was jealous of my friend and his relative freedom. As is often the case when we’re jealous, we hold back and don’t give the support or recognition that’s warranted.

So, I’m curious. 🤔

Reflecting on your own conversations, where would you say you were on the jealous to generous continuum?

What did that mean for the outcome?


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