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★Are you feeling all spark, but no ignition?★

In theory, going on holiday is meant to mean we kick back and relax. When we are presented with images depicting holidays, they show people lying on beaches under palm trees. However, for many of us, that is not what holidays are like.

For many, holidays involve work of a different kind. Planning, packing, making sure everyone is getting on and ‘having a good time’. This holiday season, COVID has also added to this by limiting movement, causing lock-downs and adding uncertainty into our home lives.

When we have this kind of holiday, we can feel like my old barbeque. When I push the ‘nob’ to light the burner, it makes a ticking noise, but it doesn’t ignite.

Energy is essential. So if you are returning to work feeling undercharged, you will need to re-charge in smaller chunks. Here is a Curly Conversation to have with yourself:

  • What energises me?

  • What do mini versions of that look like?

  • Which of those could I fit into my day when I am back at work?

  • Which one would I like to try first?

  • How would I do that?

  • Is there anything I need to do differently, to ensure it happens?

  • What am I going to do and when?


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