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Are you focusing on what matters?

I’ve been doing a lot of renovating recently and a lot of painting. In one particular area, I struggled to find exactly the right colour. Having spent a lot of time mixing and playing with paint, I finally created the one I wanted. Then, I spent a three-days painting.

The area that I was painting had previously been painted with an oil-based enamel and I painted it with water-based paint. If you’re a renovator, you will know that water-based paint doesn't ‘stick’ to oil-based paint and soon peels off.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! All that work for nothing. And, all the future work of taking the wrong paint off and re-applying the right one. I spent so much time focusing on getting the right colour that I forgot to make sure I had the right kind of paint.

The key takeaway:

Focus on what’s important, not just on what interests you.

I wonder. Are you focusing on what's important? Are you making sure the boring stuff gets just as much attention as the things that you're really interested in?

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