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★Are you getting value from that change?★

When we're facing a curly challenge, ‘change’ is the vehicle through which we implement our solution.

However, pursuing change opportunities comes at a cost. It requires money, resources and mental [and emotional] commitment. All of these could have been channelled into doing something else. There is also the hidden cost of the inevitable disruption that change causes for a business.

When we are pursuing a big change, it’s easy to become lost in it. However, change only has value if it addresses the curly challenge or opportunity it aims to address.

● Is the amount of effort being put into making that change happen, less than the benefit of having that curly challenge addressed?

But, how can you make sure that the net effect of change is positive?

Three more questions to ask yourself are:

● Am I clear what value I'm expecting this change to achieve?

● Given what I know about the change is involved, is the net effect of that change still positive?

● Am I pursuing this because the value is really there or because I feel so invested in the change, that I can’t bring myself to stop?

If you're about to embark on a major change, or if you are in the middle of one, these questions will save you a lot of future pain.

Worth a thought!


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