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Are you hitting a glass wall?

Have you ever found yourself caught in a curly challenge, feeling that you’re not making much progress but not sure what is stopping you or what to do about it?

When we’re faced with a curly challenge, we tend to encounter two kinds of obstacles.

The first ones are brick walls. These are physical and are easy to identify. For example, lack of money or not having enough people to do the work.

The second obstacles are glass walls. These are less physical and much harder to define. Glass walls are often the consequence of something else. For example, the consequence of a policy or a cultural norm.

Glass walls can hold us back if we're not conscious of them and don’t take the time to investigate and understand what is really holding us back.

If you're trying to conquer a curly challenge and feel like something's getting in the way but you’re not sure what it is, the chances are it's a glass wall.

Ask yourself.

  • Is this situation a consequence of something else?

  • What could that something be?

  • Is there something that I could do about it?


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