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Are you hitting the button?

Have you ever caught yourself performing an action, knowing it is completely pointless, but you still do it because doing something feels better than doing nothing?

For example, when waiting at the traffic lights, have you ever pushed the button (or, as I do, bang it multiple times) even when the red light told you it had already been pushed?

If you have, have you ever asked yourself, ‘why do I do that’?

I have. I keep hitting the button because it helps me to feel like I have some kind of control and that I’m not at the mercy of the traffic lights.

Not feeling in control is uncomfortable. It triggers our primitive brain to react and regain a sense of equilibrium. It leads us to waste precious energy on activities that aren’t useful.

Are there areas in which you or your team is hitting the button? ie. doing fruitless activity to feel like it’s, or appear to be, taking action? How much energy is it taking? Could today be a good day to stop?


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