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Are you keeping it real?

The other day I was looking through a catalogue for home storage products and I came across a page that was selling products to help organise wardrobes.

As I looked at the image of the wardrobe in the catalogue, I found myself wondering “Who’s wardrobe has so few items in it that it looks so empty and so neat? That's not a realistic picture of what the average wardrobe looks like, at least, certainly not what my wardrobe looks like”.

In many different contexts, we are presented with images, ideas and expectations that are not set in reality. We see these so often that it's easy to start comparing ourselves and our lives to what’s presented in an unrealistic picture.

Aspirations are great if they lift you up and energise you.

However, beware of unrealistic expectations that can make you feel like a failure and sometimes, prevent you from even trying.

A thought.

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