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★Are you leaping to conclusions?★

Out for a walk on the weekend and came across an older woman whom we often see.

This time she was waving towards a car that was driving off down the street. As we approached, we realised that she wasn't waving, she was actually trying to get the car to stop. It turned out that the driver was this woman's son and he had driven off before the woman had realised that she didn't have her house keys.

Each time we've seen this woman she has been using a walking frame. She appeared to be quite frail and had challenges walking and talking.

To access a key, the woman needed to walk two kilometres to her son’s house. It was starting to rain and we offered to help in whatever way we could. She smiled and said “It takes more than this to stop me. They told me that I'd never walk again and that I'd never speak”. “Pig’s arse! I wasn't going to have any of that!”.

It turned out that this woman wasn’t as frail as I had assumed. I wonder if you’ve ever made a big assumption that turned out to be incorrect?


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