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Are you starting from a position of trust?

Trust is the core element of every relationship in business, whether it's with customers, employees, team members, partners or stakeholders. When we’re working remotely, trust is even more important. We can’t see each other the way we usually can. Company’s need to trust that their people are doing the work. Employees need to trust their employer to look after them, keep them informed and safe. Customers need to trust that the companies they deal with will do the right thing given difficult circumstances. What would happen today if every conversation started from a position of trust?

  • How would you think differently?

  • What would you say differently?

  • What would you do differently?

  • How could your day be different?

  • How could you make someone else’s day different?

Trust is like dancing ‘The Tango’. It takes two to get it right but it takes one to get it started.

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