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Are you wasting your secret sauce?

I learned something today. At first, it might seem as though it was really small but it offers a significant lesson for individuals and businesses.

Today, I discovered that the cardboard paint samples I've been collecting from my hardware store have a perforated edge on them. This means you can tear them apart from each other and focus on a particular colour, without being distracted by the others.

I've been using these colour swatches for years but had never realised they had this feature. I looked on the cardboard to see if it told me to ‘tear on the dotted line’. It didn't. The company had gone to the additional expense but they weren’t getting the benefits of this feature because they hadn’t told anyone about it.

It's a bit like having a talent or a capability and not showing it to anybody. Or, having a product but not telling people about the unique features that make it special.

So, I’m curious. 🤔

● What is your unique feature, or your secret sauce?

● Do the people who matter know about it and how it can create value for them?


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