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★Celebrate the steps★

This week I celebrated a pretty big milestone as I sent my book manuscript off to the editor.

This is my second book, so I know that this doesn’t mean that the job is done. On the contrary, when the book comes back, I know there will be significant work to do to refine, revise and in some cases re-write.

Tom Peters wisely said, “Celebrate what you want to see more of”.

Getting my book to the editor might only be one step, but it’s an important one. Without the steps, we never reach the destination.

Which is why the harder each step is, the more important it is to celebrate that we took it and moved forward (even if it’s just a little bit).

🤔 As you and your team race towards the end of what has been (and for many, continues to be) a massive year, what could you celebrate right now?

★★★What little things have you and your team done to celebrate your little successes?★★★

A thank you card? An email to say how proud you are? A phone call with a piece of uninvited positive feedback?


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