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Don’t forget to celebrate!

In a crisis, we are time poor and while we intellectually ‘get’ the importance of celebration, it’s not always easy. For example, some of us may not feel like celebrating. A crisis can bring with it a sense of loss. Loss of life, opportunity, jobs, etc. We either don’t feel like celebrating or we feel that celebrating in some way is inappropriate or disrespectful. Be specific about what you’re celebrating and why, while acknowledging that some areas are still challenging. Also, remember the celebration doesn’t have to be big, it can be as small as a virtual high five. Another reason we can forget to celebrate is that we feel like we’re not ‘finished’. The job is never done and so there is never a logical time to celebrate. Break big tasks down into smaller parts so you celebrate that a step has been reached and progress has been made (even though there is more to do). Over the last few months, I bet there are many amazing things that you and your team have achieved. How many of those things have been acknowledged or celebrated? Maybe now is a good time to do that. Just a thought. Please remember to like or share with others so they remember to celebrate their small wins as well. #positiveproblemsolving #leadership #COVID19 #coronavirus #momentum


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