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★Have you considered all the options?★

I've recently been doing some home renovating and as part of that, I needed to drill a hole in the wall to attach a birdhouse. However, the particular drill bit I'd chosen wasn't the right size and wasn't big enough for the screw that I had.

I borrowed the drills so I asked the owner if he had any more options in terms of drill bit sizes. And he said “options?”, at which point he opened a whole, what looked like a suitcase full of different sized drill bits. I had no idea that drill bits could come in so many varieties and different sizes.

And I think when it comes to complex problems sometimes we can think that the options we have are limited than the ones that are available.

Perhaps it's worth asking:

  • Is it possible that I haven't considered all the options?

  • What are the options that I dismissed because I thought that was silly or not viable?

  • What is the most way-out option that I have not even considered?

  • If I had no limitations what would I do?

⇨ Then work your way back from those because often we start off with a constrained mindset. But if you start off with the possibility mindset and work your way back, you'll find that you have more options than you thought you did in the first place.


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