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★How many flavours does your team have?★

I was in the supermarket because I needed to buy breakfast cereal.

The Weet-Bix brand has been around for as long as I can remember. However, on this visit to the supermarket, I noticed that this particular cereal had not only one version, but six or seven.

Each had a different flavour and had been positioned to appeal to a different group of consumers. For example, children who wanted a fun cereal, people who liked the original flavour, or those who fancied an apple and cinnamon flavour.

Despite the many varieties, all of these cereals came back to the same basic base.

It got me thinking.

If a simple, wheat-based breakfast cereal can have so many flavours to cater for the needs of different customer groups, then how many flavours does a team need to meet the needs of its customers/ stakeholder groups?

  • How many stakeholder groups or customer groups does your team have?

  • What are their needs?

  • How is your team changing its flavour to meet the needs of those customer groups?

It’s another Curly Conversation that’s definitely worth having.

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